Dynamic Friction 1311-1543-00 – 3000 Semi-Metallic Brake Pads


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DFC 3000 Semi-Metallic Brake Pads
Designed to provide optimal braking power and a stable friction performance across a wide temperature range, the Dynamic Friction 3000 Semi-Metallic Brake Pads are the ideal replacement pads you need for your passenger or light duty truck. These are made using a premium semi-metallic formulation that’s highly versatile and performs well in extreme driving conditions. Plus, they include DFC’s premium rubber-steel-rubber shims for enhanced NVH(noise/vibration/harshness) characteristics.
  • Built to offer stable friction performance across a wide temperature range
  • Ideal replacement brake pads for passenger or light duty trucks
  • Engineered with a premium semi-metallic formulation for optimal braking performance even in extreme driving conditions
  • Made with premium rubber-steel-rubber shims for reduced noise, harshness, and vibrations at any speed
  • Low dust brake pads to maintain clean wheels
  • 100% post cured and scorched to ensure stable friction performance and promote faster initial break-in period
  • Positive mold and chamfered and slotted for reduced noise and consistent friction material density

  • Brand

    Dynamic Friction,  Dynamic Friction Brake Pads

  • Part Number


  • UPC


  • Weight

    3.85 lbs


  • Driving Qualifiers

    Normal Commute

  • Budget


  • Recommended Use

    OE Replacement

  • Pad Material


  • Stopping Power

    4 / 5

  • Noise Level

    2 / 5

  • Dust Levels


  • Performance Over Stock

    Basic Commute

Manufacturer Description

  • Manufacturer Label

    DFC 3000 Semi-Metallic Brake Pads





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